VIP Class Business Jet Charters

At iJets we pride ourselves on our approach to corporate jet charters and jet charter management. Our focus is on a prompt & professional response, flexibility and good old fashioned customer service – every one of our customers is a VIP.

We can arrange an individual flight but we would rather you became a regular customer so we can offer complimentary services and deep discounts.

  • Unsurpassed Service & Unbeatable Prices
  • Chauffeur Driven Transfers
  • Concierge Service
  • VIP Global Assist – If your flight is grounded, you won’t be
  • Over 5000 Aircraft Worldwide


There are the obvious luxuries when you fly on a VIP Class corporate jet – plush leather seats, top class catering, excellent service, great entertainment but that’s not what it’s all about. Unquestionably, when you’re spending money on corporate jets you’d expect nothing less but the other benefits are what makes it all worthwhile.


You can travel from much smaller airports where you’re not trying to get there at the same time as thousands of other travellers, neither will you have to wait in queues with those same crowds of people. With our VIP ground clearance you just need to get to your local airport 10 minutes before your flight. If you have been stuck in traffic or over run at the office beforehand and you’re a little late, no problem, our aircraft departs when you get there – we don’t have a time to “close the gate”.


You won’t be delayed by the late arrival of the inbound aircraft as your jet will be waiting at the airport for your arrival. Don’t get to the airport 3 hours before you travel because of the check-in and security queues, don’t worry about wrestling the man in the seat beside you for a little bit of the armrest or the baby crying in seat 32B and don’t worry about the man in-front insisting on reclining his seat during the meal.

For a worry free, VIP Class flight that fits with your schedule contact us and become a iJets VIP today.


With over 5000 private charter aircraft available you for Business Jet Charters you will be spoilt for choice. From a small air taxi in a light aircraft or the private hire of a helicopter to get you to your departure airport, right up to the amazing boeing 757 business jet; we have everything you need to travel in comfort and style on your very own corporate jet charter.

iJets seeks to provide its clients with aircraft managed to the highest standards. We will only work with operators who subscribe to the standards laid down by the following professional organisations.