We fly to and from so many varied destinations we thought you might like to read about some of our more interesting routes or requests.

We thought we’d tell you about a client who recently flew from Paris to London on one of our charters because she loves her dog, Charlie the Chocolate Labrador.  Unlike a commercial flight where pets must be on a travel cage or box and travel in the hold or a dedicated part of the cabin, we allow pets to travel with our passengers.

It’s surprising the number of clients that would prefer not to cage their beloved pets and like to have their pet with them for the flight.  It’s a much better experience for the pet and conducive to good welfare.  A flight can be a traumatic experience for a pet at the best of times and comemrcially, that’s a journey they have to make alone.  When they travel on a private jet charter with us, they can be constantly re-assured by their owner and the owner is constantly aware of how the pet is.

We have specialists in pet transport and take care of all local regulations for you to make a journey with your pet as easy and hassle free as a journey without.

If you need to transport a pet and would prefer to do it the “nice” way, call us now and you and your pets can become an iJets VIP today, Charlie is.

ps..the picture isn’t Charlie, he was camera shy…

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