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Providing Medevac Flights and Air Ambulance support locally and across the Globe

The range of definition for Air Ambulance services is wide and varied. Over the past year we have managed medical initiatives for clients with needs ranging from broken limbs caused by skiing accidents through to terminally ill individuals needing repatriation. We offer counsel, consulting and organisation of flights, ground transport, family accompaniment, medical attendees and the supply of the correct equipment on board.

Your need could be a private charter home after injury, the return of a very ill relative from abroad, or the transport of a key member of staff. We address the need with the same level of passion, professionalism and expertise however long or short the trip.

Sally, Moira and myself are all very grateful for everything that you have done not only in the professional issues but in such a caring and compassionate way which helped us get through those very difficult days. Mr D. 

There are many providers of Air Ambulances, each aircraft is usually configured differently and each supply medical staff with varied experience and qualifications. The introduction of iJets allows the client total peace of mind that all options have been considered and discussed, and the most suitable solution agreed. In addition, we truly understand that at times of stress, discussing money can be a difficult thing. You want to do the right thing but budgets are important. Like our private charter work we negotiate the best price for the plane or the best plane for the price and work tirelessly to ensure our clients are at the centre of everything we do.

You dealt with me on the phone last Thursday 19th June 2014 when I called with an enquiry about the possible need to urgently repatriate my elderly frail father in law who had gone into crisis in Torrelominos due to carer breakdown.

I called you as I had been led tounderstand via another line of enquiry that he would not be suitable to travel on a generic flight due to his level of health needs and might need an air ambulance that would cost £20,000.

You immediately checked with me that he did not appear to need a medical escort and started suggesting how you could help and offered to call me back which you promptly did.

You offered viable alternatives to generic flight and the cost of one in particular came in at a surprisingly good rate.

Whilst dealing with me you were professional but also friendly and humorous and you definitely inspired confidence.

I called your office today to let you know that we were extremely fortunate to get my father in law into what sounds like a very good nursing home on the Friday and we are going out this Thursday to visit him !

A great outcome.

I just wanted to say that your assistance in our time of crisis was so much appreciated. It was jolly good to discover you and know you are there in the future should the need arise .

Thanks so much.

Dr C U.

Issues such as cross border medical support, medicinal drug supply, clinic or hospital collection and safe delivery to the chosen destination are all areas covered by our service and expertise

Our team of brokers have a long and proud history of providing charter assistance for situations where its necessary to provide help, support and medical assistance. We have worked extensively with:

  • Individuals and Families.
  • Governments
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Relief Organisations
  • Charities
  • NGO’s

Our team are able to provide support right from the planning stage through to execution, and are also able to work round the clock to incredibly tight schedules as the need necessitates. We can also work in a broad capacity, so whether it’s providing consultancy support through the telephone or arranging an entire flight from A to B to transport supplies, we have the expertise.

My family and I would like to say a very big thank you for the wonderful service you provided for us. Although you were all very professional, we felt like you were treating us as friends and kept us informed at all times with times and arrivals of flights, which we appreciated very much. We could not have asked for a better service. Once again Thankyou! Mrs S. 

Areas covered:

  • Medevac flights – arranging flights to transport patients with specific and wide ranging medical needs
  • Natural disaster relief – arranging charter flights to and from disaster hit locations to provide supplies, relief teams and more
  • Relief aid – providing charter flights to supply relief aid to impoverished locations

We have a proven track record in this highly specialised area of charter. We’re also able to arrange necessary ground transportation, including private ambulances and freight.

We encourage your organisation to contact our charter team with any enquiries you have regarding medevac and support flights. Please contact us.


How iJets works.

iJets are a charter broker. We act for the client, not the operator, the aircraft manager or the owner.

We act for Embassies, PLC’s, sports and pop stars, high net worth individuals, luxury holiday agents, hotels, insurance companies and individuals.

We act in full client confidence and the highest level of professionalism and efficient execution.

Our process starts with an understanding of the client requirements, the objective and the budgets. We discuss options and alternatives and offer our professional counsel on all aspects of the charter.

Once we have provided the initial options and budget requirements we work with the client to help them focus more on the detail and support them in the decision making process.

Once we have clarity on the final requirement we use our experience, knowledge and proprietary sourcing software to seek the right aircraft, location and crew.

Prior to selection we conduct due diligence on the aircraft and operator to ensure that it enforces the highest level of safety and maintenance schedules, the crew have the correct experience and air time with the aircraft concerned.

As the management and execution of such initiatives is time consuming and expensive iJets seek an official engagement letter and a deposit of approximately 10% of the total charter cost. This deposit is a show of good faith and is repayable in line with our normal charter contract. This budget also allows us to contractually commit to the charter and secure the plane of choice.

In normal circumstances final payment is required 10 days prior to the trip, however, with some of the larger projects we work on as the aircraft is in high demand, payment is required earlier.

All funds are held in our Client Account and are only drawdown as cost are incurred.

Post initiative a full breakdown of costs are supplied and any refunds are returned to the client. Refunds are normally made if there has been a favourable change in exchange or fuel rates.

iJets handles all FX transactions on behalf of the client.

iJets has a wide variety of Air Ambulance aircraft
All Air Ambulances are fully equipped for the medical needs of their passengers
Trained staff help with access to and from the aircraft
iJets seeks to provide its clients with aircraft managed to the highest standards. We will only work with operators who subscribe to the standards laid down by the following professional organisations.